Rock Substrate And Macro Algae

Rock,Substrate And Macro Algae is usually regarded as the bed of material that covers the aquarium and refugium,All aquariums perform at there best with good filtration and for a reef aquarium optimal filtration is absolutely essential.Choosing the right substrate Macro Algae materials for your saltwater tank is very important,A general rule of thumb is to have a 4" layer of fine, graded sand,Live Aragonite Reef Sand & Substrates - Ideal for reef system tank bottoms, denitrifying anaerobic beds, extremely high surface area filter media.Find several different options for saltwater aquarium substrates,We also offer many different Macro algae With Or Without Rock Base ( Available Only for our Regular Customers,Please email us at for High Quality Macro Algae) and create a spectacular and healthy marine environment !!

We also offer many different macro algae. 



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