White Crane C R NO 8

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White Crane C R NO 8 : 10 g / Powder.

Yellow Color Enhancer Vitamin for all tropical Freshwater fish. The most popular yellow chlorophyll color enhancer vitamin for all kind of yellow fish

  • C.R.#8 will increase yellow color to all yellow fish,such as Golden arrowana, golden gourami,golden oscars,golden discus,gold fish,guppy,molly,cichlids,koi. etc
  • Can be used on breeder fish effectively
  • Results can be achieved within 7 days
  • Usage

  • Use 1/2g with 100g food-flakes,pellets,live feed-daphnia,shrimp egg.shrimp meat,tubifex worm,etc.
  • Recommendation-Dilute Vitamin to 20 cc water water and mix well to dry food, air dry and keep in refrigerator if not consumed.

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